A Pannonhalmi Bencés Gimnázium negyedik európai uniós mobilitási projektje

Assessment for learning Creative and diverse assessment methods for education in the 21st century

Date: 1. - 6. December 2019

Résztvevő: Kovács Alida

Helyszín: Reykjavik/Borgarnes 

Course description

The main focus of the training will be on how to use assessment of and more importantly, for learning. In addition to examination of a range of assessment methodologies used by participants for both formative and summative work currently we will explore forms of assessment for learning, and assessment methods for the more creative and diverse forms of learning outcomes which arise when using teaching and learning methodologies such as cooperative learning in diverse groups of students. Participants will explore how broader skill sets can be assessed and how intercultural approaches and blended learning can give rise to a wider skill set of intercultural competencies and creativity and how these might be assessed. In addition there will be an opportunity to examine some of the more flexible applications for assessment and how a broader range of judgements can be utilised – for example peer and self- assessment methods, identifying intertextuality and consideration of how creativity and soft skills might be assessed. The training will be active and participants will try out different cooperative learning methods and discuss most suitable assessment methods to reach a diverse group of learners. Post course social media will be used to support ongoing development of ideas and group support and feedback.